You Existed Before Them

And you will continue to exist even after they leave.

Emily Ann Mark
2 min readSep 21, 2022


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Someone that wants to stay, will stay. Someone that wants to love you, will love you. Someone that has their future in mind with you will be there, now and forever.

Until the very end.

You existed before them. You will continue to exist even after they leave. Let them walk out. Let them go with the last hug, the last kiss, and the last goodbye.

Let them become a memory.

You see, what’s meant for you will be. There’s no struggle. No fighting. No bargaining. No trying. What’s yours is yours. And what isn’t will fall away.

The love you seek will feel effortless. The puzzle piece that fits. The words that complete your sentence. The belly laughter over your inside corny jokes.

It’s the hand that keeps you steady. The hug that says you belong. The kiss that feels like magic. The security of this is it, this is home. The person that lifts you up and stands beside you. Not in front or behind.

Sometimes love shows up and stays for a season. It was meant to happen but not meant to be. They teach us. Mold us. And shape us. But when it’s over, it’s over.

You existed before them. You will continue to exist even after they leave.

Letting go is not easy. The imprint of their soul stays long after they are gone. The reminders of their smell, the sound of their voice, and the way they made you feel.

All so very real.

Remember who you were before them but most importantly who you become after. Life goes on. The show continues. Your journey has just begun.

And as unfortunate as a broken heart is, also know how blessed were you to have loved someone so special. To have felt something so real. Even a devastating breakup can bring out the light in you.

Your heartbreak was not for nothing.

Better days will come. Other love to pursue. This was just a part of your story. The chapter that must close. But be brave and willing to trust and know that when someone walks out, they make room for someone new to walk in.

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