Writing and Publishing 41 Days in A Row

What I loved, what I hated, and what I learned.

Emily Ann Mark
5 min readJun 17, 2022


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Today is day forty-one.

I have written and published one article a day for forty-one days straight. This will make article ninety-four. I am only shy six more before I hit the magical one hundred.

I started writing in Janauary of this year. While I didn’t have a solid streak of consistency in the beginning, what mattered is I started anyway.

Just begin. You’ll figure out the rest.

Hitting forty-one days in a row, there were no intentions behind it other than to write and hit publish on the dot every morning. What started as a tiny snowball turned into huge momentum.

I didn’t have a plan of attack or strategy in mind. I write about my experiences with divorce, relationships, dating, and personal growth. Now I’m tip-toeing around sex and intimacy.

Sex is good, and who doesn’t want to talk about the benefits?

I’m quite competitive with myself. And if I master one thing, I want to master the next. So it seems I’ve mastered consistency. No matter what, I made myself sit down and write every single day. It became a habit. And one I looked forward to even if exhausted and unable to think.

Call it writer’s block. Or crazy.

The weekends were easier to put in more words. I had time to pull several drafts and get myself ahead for the week. But even that would become mind-numbing. So I’ve learned how to break it down into pleasurable pieces.

I remember when I couldn’t sit and produce anything. I would start on a subject, words fumbling that made no sense. I’d distract myself with my phone and social media, and then come back to the screen still blank.

Did I think the story would write itself? Well, that would have been nice.

I ended up doing away with social media, Facebook to be exact because for one, it was distracting. And two, life has changed. I no longer relate with the endless scrolling of those from my past.

I resonate with other writers here by reading their stories and…



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