Somewhere Out There Is a Version Of Us

A fierce kind of passion.

Emily Ann Mark


I watched the sky light up with its pink and orange glow. Evening has set it in. Something about the way the breeze felt. Soft against my skin. Life into my lungs.

Deep breath in.

For a moment I thought about us. The us in the future, the ones walking side by side and holding hands. The us talking about our day, unpacking the baggage, and leaning in for a hug.

We kiss.

The us that spills the tea and mischief of what’s running around in the crazy thoughts of ours.

A sounding board.

It’s the us that feels reassured and knows no matter what, we step up. We have each other’s back. The us that tells it like it is but for the sake of honor and love.

I watched the wind ruffle the leaves. The tree branches sway a little sway. The stars collide with what’s left of the day. The transition from busy to peaceful.

Night brings quiet and reflection.

Candle lights ease my mind.

Somewhere out there is a version of us. The you that tucks me into bed, kisses my cheek, and says goodnight, sweet dreams. The me that wraps my arms around you as your head hits the pillow.

Safe and sound.

Somewhere out there is a version of a fierce kind of passion. The one where we can’t take our eyes off of each other. Our hands lead the way. It’s soft and tender. It’s gentle but rough.

I watched the sunset leave behind yesterday. The moon now takes its place. I wonder if you’re out there looking at the same sky. Do you see what I see?

At night I am awake in my dreams. Anticipating and waiting.

Knowing there is a future us. A future where you kiss me goodnight.

Sweet dreams.

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Emily Ann Mark

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