Our Chapter Was Always Meant to Close

We weren’t destined for forever.

Emily Ann Mark
2 min readFeb 1


Photo by Atsadawut Chaiseeha on Unsplash

Our chapter was always meant to close
this I know without a doubt
nothing could have changed
who we would have become even if we stayed.

Our leg of the race was only
short-lived because who we
are is nothing that we can give
to each other even if we tried.

Our memories now slowly
fading because as time
moves on, you have your own
footprints to walk in the sand

with the person that’s not me
holding your hand.
And that’s ok because our
story was only temporary.

The photos that stay buried
where no one else can see
but in the privacy of you and me
maybe, one day you’d like to revisit

the time and place that was
once permitted.
The once a yes but now forever
a no.

Time heals all wounds
this I’m sure of
because when I think of you
I’m no longer wondering

do you think of me
do you miss me
do you wonder what could have been
if the cards were in our favor

if we were destined for forever.

Thank you for reading. I hope you stay for a while.

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