On Reinventing Yourself

You don’t need persmission.

Emily Ann Mark
3 min readJan 15, 2022


Photo by Clarisse Meyer on Unsplash

So you want to change up your life? Do something new and out of character? You know, add a little spice. Shake it up. Broaden the horizon.

Well, here’s your chance.
Starting right now.
As you’re reading this.

A new year is always fitting to embrace a new you. But regardless, every day is a fresh start. You can begin right where you are. Whatever you feel called to do, follow it.

Take a deep breath, release, and set yourself free.

Move to the new city.
Dump the bad habit.
Take the new job.
Start the hobby.
Cut your hair.
Pierce that nose.
Get the tattoo.
Hell, change your name if you want to.

This is your life. Live it.

“If you obey all the rules, you’ll miss all the fun.” — Katharine Hepburn

Who says we have to stay the course? Who says we have to follow the mundane routine. Go to the same job that we may not even like. Have the same conversations that we don’t care about.

Who says we can’t decide to break free from the bubble we’ve been comfortable in?

Nobody. Nobody says. Because you have a say.

Evolve. Challenge. Embody.

Embrace the unknown. You never know what’s on the other side if you don’t go there.

Change your mind as many times as you want. Hell, this is your story. Edit often. Cut out the parts that don’t make you feel alive. Drop the dead weight. Loosen your grip and live a little.

“Everything is a risk. Not doing anything is a risk. It’s up to you.” — Nicola Yoon

Be brave enough to suck at something new. Be willing to risk it all for the mere chance that you may win it all. Speak bold and vibrant words for your life. Be your biggest fan.



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