My Husband Wanted A Divorce

And yet I still wished nothing but the best for him.

Emily Ann Mark
3 min readApr 26, 2022


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Even though my husband had an affair and blindsided me with divorce, I still wished nothing but the best for him.

Was I hurt and angry? Uh, yeesss.

Did I want revenge? No.

My toxic trait is I don’t want to hurt others as they have hurt me. I will let karma take care of that. Let me just mind my own business and move on with my life.

But first, let me also have my pity party and talk about why you suck. Then you are free to go.

When I found out he was having an affair (for the second time), I could have made his life miserable. Told all his friends and family. Exposed his lies and secrets. Tracked down the other woman and targeted her too.

But nah, I didn’t have time for that.

His affair could have had huge ramifications on his career. I could have taken him to court and fought for every last penny. Made him regret his decisions and selfish actions. But nah, I made our divorce as peaceful as it could be.


Well, he is the father of my children after all. I did care for him. I wanted us to move forward with ease as not to create a traumatic experience for the kids.

Let me take the hit, I can handle it. But not them. They didn’t deserve this.

I didn’t want to live with anger in my heart and greed to see him suffer. I’m sure his own suffering will come as life sees fit but really, that’s none of my business.

My business was to take care of myself and start over. I had to heal and overcome the pain of watching my family split. I had enough on my plate to worry about than seeking revenge with him.

When I moved, I let him have everything. The car, the furniture, and yes, his dignity.

I didn’t want the bed that we slept on. Or the couch where we’d watch movies. The car payment was beyond what I could afford, so fine, he can have that too.

I trusted that life would provide and bring me what I needed when I needed it. And it did. I found my own place meant for me. Bought my own car and paid it off — — all on my own…



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