Life Is a Little Too Peaceful

I’m ready for my next mistake.

Emily Ann Mark
4 min readMay 20, 2022


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It dawned on me as I was putting in another day with my 9–5; my life is getting a little too quiet, a little too normal, and rather boring.

I’m not stewing over my divorce. I’m finally over the ex-boyfriend from three years ago. There’s no other man drama to spill the tea on. I’ve distanced myself from my friends that aren’t vibing any more. I’m happy and content with my job. I like my life for once. I feel like I’m getting somewhere.

So what’s the problem?

Well, it’s a little too peaceful. I think I’m ready for my next mistake.

Maybe I’ve been used to living in a state of survival. Healing from the divorce, making another major move, and changing career paths yet again. Venting out my frustration on men because they can be dumb-dumbs. Digging deep to heal my inner wounds and closing the gap between my past and who I am now.

The heavy work is coming to an end. I feel enlightened, free, and like I’ve passed the test. I didn’t fail. I succeded.

So now what? What’s next?


There’s a part of me nudging myself to get back into dating.

Download an app Emily, just do it. Don’t be scared, what are you afraid of? You may just find your happily forever after on there. Best case, you may even find your next mistake that will spice up your life and give you something to write about.

The curiosity will always linger.

Give love another chance, go for it, just do it.

All these thoughts flirt with my mind. I know what to expect when it comes to online dating, or dating in general.

Maybe that’s just it — maybe it’s the beauty of the unexpected that makes it magical, exciting and well — so, so fun.

Hmm, ok I think I’m onto something here. Do not count dating out; yet.

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