I’ve Been Challenged to Revisit My Drafts

There are 284 of them.

Emily Ann Mark


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When it comes to writing, I have many thoughts and not enough hours in the day.

Something will inspire me, and I’ll quickly save it as a draft. On my phone. A sticky note that I’ll find crumbled up days later. Or a notebook with chicken scratch memos.

My thoughts are everywhere.

Currently, I have 284 drafts. I have published 257 stories.

There’s still much to say.

Denise Kendig has raised the stakes with her Challenge: Knock ’em Out.

I am challenged to go back to the first five oldest drafts, list them, and have my readers choose ONE that they’d like me to finish.

It took some time to scroll down.

Finally, after about a minute, these are the ones that sit at the bottom, all last edited one year ago.

01. Experiencing love and intimacy with someone new
1 min read
169 words

02. You will love again, I promise you
1 min read
79 words

03. Divorce will change you forever
1 min read
60 words

04. Sometimes we blind ourselves because we think it’s love
1 min read
14 words

05. You have to leave the past behind
1 min read
198 words

I’m not surprised these drafts are about divorce, heartache, and moving on. I started writing here a year ago to express myself.


Makes me think of the song by Madonna Express Yourself, minus the sexy men dancing around. I don’t have that in my stories.

In the year I’ve been writing, more healing has taken over, and I’m starting to find myself coming out of the ruins, again.

It’s funny when you think you’re over something, but when you start writing about it, the truth comes out.

I have published articles similar to these drafts that sit at the bottom. Why I…



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