It’s Time to Fess Up — Who Is Your Crush?

Don’t be shy.

Emily Ann Mark


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It’s Valentine’s Day. The day of hearts, chocolates, roses, and Cupid working overtime. It’s the day to profess your love, or crush, to the world.

Shout it out loud. Make yourself heard.

Victor Cardenas has a crush (read it here) but won’t confess who. I have a hunch, but my hunches have been wrong before. I can’t be right every time, where’s the fun in that?

Medium is the perfect playground to play tag. We read each other words and engage with each other stories. A person unfolds as we slowly learn more about them, their history, and where they’re going.

It doesn’t take long before you become smitten or hooked. I have several writers I consider special because of the bond formed between our stories.

Similarities remind me I am not alone. But what a silly thing to think because of course not — I’ve got you, whoever is reading this.

I didn’t consider Medium a place to find love but love you can find and so much more. You can find empathy, relatable, curiosity, playfulness, and encouragement.

Poetry, mindfulness, romance, inspiration, and humor.

You find a little bit of yourself. Whether you’re a reader, a writer, or both.

I’m feeling pretty loved today and no I didn’t wake up to roses. I won’t be receiving a sweet Valentine’s card that declares how beautiful I am (but I already know).

I won’t have a romantic candlelight dinner to attend. I will not snuggle up next to my beau, drinking wine until I pass out and he has to carry me to bed.

I don’t have a beau, but I have a bed full of pillows.

I feel loved in knowing that we are never alone, and life’s timing is perfect, even if we’re waiting longer than we’d like. Love doesn’t mean hooked up or shacked up. Love isn’t a ring on the finger. Or a wedding certificate to seal the deal.

Love is not what you see in a Hallmark movie and certainly not Cupid’s job to get right. Love doesn’t mean I have to hear you say I love you, I just know that you do.

Love is more than what I thought it was growing up. And if it took 41 years to figure it out, I’d do it all over again (I think) to understand this level of sauciness.

I feel loved because of the love I choose to give and because of the love I am open to receive.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all.

p.s. Don’t forget to announce your crush.

p.p.s. Victor Cardenas reminds me not to take life so seriously (or tragically) and my heart says thank you.

p.p.p.s. He does not like pickles.

Thanks for reading and stopping by.

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