How to Stay Sane Out There in the Dating World

This had me coming back for more.

Emily Ann Mark


Photo by Spencer Davis on Unsplash


For the singles that have to venture out into the wild and meet someone organically. Be it at the grocery store, dog park, or home depot.

Or jump on the modern dating trend, perfecting your online bio, swiping left and right.

We know it can be maddening on your journey to find love or even a decent human being that you can spend time with.

When I look back on my dating era, weeding out all the wrong ones hopeful to snag the right one, I admit I cried more times than I’d liked. I wasn’t prepared for ghosting, love-bombing, breadcrumbing, and gaslighting.

And the dreaded situationships.

While dating is like taking a beating where your heart and ego get bruised, there is one thing that kept me going and rolling with the punches.

The one thing that kept me coming back for more, even when I felt like I couldn’t take another letdown or disappointment.


Have fun. Dating should be a good time, even when it isn’t.

You have to be able to laugh at yourself through the mess of rejections and redirections. Having a sense of humor is a life-saving skill.

It will help you bounce back from the date that went to hell or the almost the one that broke your heart.

Or maybe you broke theirs and now you’re kicking yourself over it.

Finding the humor of another letdown lightens the mood and helps you see it’s not that serious. Dating is meant to be fun. Don’t forget to ease up, even when you’ve been dumped.

Smile while you cry, it’s ok, you don’t look that crazy.

I get it, I’m a moody b*tch when I’m disappointed. Rightfully so, we have our reasons to feel heartbroken and deeply hurt. It’s our human nature.



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