Are You Willing to Be Vulnerable?

Writing to unpack, connect, and reflect.

Emily Ann Mark
2 min readMay 15, 2022


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I like to be an open book. I want to authentically share my experiences, even if it means I’m looked down upon, judged, criticized, or thought — dang, she’s crazy.

There’s a sense of connection when we’re able to share our most intimate moments in life. Our tragedies, mistakes, traumas, and even the good times.

Writing is a beautiful way to connect, dive deep, unpack, and reflect on matters of the heart. You share a story, and I say — — oh, me too. I write my story, and you say — — I thought I was the only one.

Sharing is caring.

But how vulnerable are you willing to be? Even if we are random people, throwing words out into cyberspace, how much is too much? Or how much is too little?

Sometimes I read back on a story I openly shared. And I think, oh gosh Emily, no wonder you’re divorced, single, and bound to be a dog lady (because I don’t like cats). But then I smile. And I think if I’m gaining a deeper perspective on myself and what this journey in life is all about — then the words on the page is worth it.

Being vulnerable comes down to this — — own your story. Own the hell out of it. There’s no one else like you. There’s no one else with your unique experience. So what if you look foolish, dumb, maybe even a little crazy. Stand out from the crowd — be daring and brave to risk it all and show it all.

Understand that your confidence doesn’t come from getting things right in life — it also comes from getting things wrong. Oh so wrong. Mess up, a little or a lot. There’s no other way to learn.

Confidence; it looks good on you.

Being vulnerable means you are willing to share, be heard, and be misunderstood. Confession; I’m misunderstood a lot. I have the best of intentions, but those intentions get misread and misled.

But that’s ok. Don’t let that stop you from showing up. When we can sing our songs and speak our words, we are living our authentic truth. Don’t be afraid, don’t hold back. Own your story.

So how much are you willing to share? Some have no filter. Others flirt with the truth. And then there are those with the delicate balance of both. Either way — no matter how you show up, claim your vulnerability and write your story.

The world is listening.

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